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The Striptease and its development hold a central role in the expansion of the commerce of sexual expression throughout the last 200 years.  Its emergence demonstrates a fascinating interplay between the worlds of theater, commerce, prostitution, censorship, and the all-powerful human sex drive!  There is a revival today of the classic striptease, after a clear and definite break in the long tradition of burlesque shows.  

While most assume this new interest in burlesque is a trendy "retro" endeavour more post-modern artiness than titilation, but it must be remembered that the first striptease emerged from the art students of Paris and even as it grew, the theatricality of the act, the engagement of the mind was as much a part of the excitement as was the flesh exposed.  So, seek out and support the new strip shows so they can start a new fire under the movement!  

In the meantime, check out the info on and the "artifacts" from the history of striptease here.  

And if you have any souvenirs or stories, experiences, memories you would like to share, please drop me an email as I would like to fill in my wide gaps in Striptease history, lore and memorabilia.   A great place to hunt for info is the book simply titled STRIPTEASE (see below) which was painstakingly researched and is filled with background history on the golden era of Striptease & Burlesque

New items will be added as they become available.  


Books on Striptease
Click here for Striptease Check in here for an ever-growing selection of books on the history of Burlesque, Striptease, Star Strippers and more.
Striptease-related Magazines
Click here for the Striptease & Burlesque Magazine Catalog
A variety of vintage magazines about striptease and its fascinating world.  A great resource for then-contemporary reporting on the "peelers" and their backstage milieu.
Original Striptease Memorabilia Catalog
Click here for original Striptease & Burlesque Memorabilia
Posters and promo materials from the great (and not so great) Burlesque and Striptease theaters and traveling shows.  Souvenirs and artifacts from the people and places of lost Golden Age of Striptease.
Happy to trade!  
Striptease Research Files
Click here for the Striptease & Burlesque Research Archive
I've selected and made available a number of interviews, images and articles for research purposes -- not for duplication or reproduction.  Please inquire for any permission to license or re-use this material.  It is copyright protected!


Classics on Video Catalog
Click here for the Lisa De Leeuw catalog
Here's the place to experience visual records of the greats from the Golden Age of Striptease... Tempest Storm, Busty Belle, Texas Sheridan and others. 


And, remember, the best way to check if I have a title or number is to simply ask. 
I'll send you a quote if I have the book in stock.

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