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Cecil Beaton photographs Marilyn Monroe, 1957
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A selection of favorite models and adult stars -- whose physical blessings, charisma and talent combust on the page and stage, as well as on the screens of our theaters, homes and minds.

New offerings will be added as they become available.  


Uschi Digart
Click here for the Uschi catalog
If we were in another universe, I would surely serve her as my queen like a humble bee in the the colony -- all just to get one taste of her honey!
Marilyn Monroe
Click here for Marilyn
I refuse to say... "Goodbye, Norma Jean," so let's just say Hello to Marilyn again and again -- as we reflect on perhaps the most powerful female icon of the 20th Century.  
Bettie Page
Click here for Bettie Page
Truly the "Veronica" to Monroe's "Betty," Bettie Page was the mens magazine model whose sparkling free-spirited sexuality tantalized the men of the 1950s -- in secret.  If I could travel back in time to any one place, it would be to rent a camera and the modeling services of Bettie Page for one hour at Irving Klaw's Manhattan Camera Club.
June Wilkinson
Click here for the June Wilkinson catalog
June Wilkinson is the unsung heroine of the late 1950s/early 1960s Modeling scene.  Her bubbling British charm is still effervescent today -- as I had the pleasure of sending her a couple of Brandon House Lesbian Sleaze books a few years back!
Please return to the scene, June!  
Diane Webber
Click here for the Diane Webber catalog
Diane Webber was a free and self-empowered woman whose whose healthy spirit and love of nature brightened the 1950s nudist mags -- and helped pave the way for the liberating movement of the 1960s.   She is a treasure! 
Joyce Gibson
Click here for the Joyce Gibson Catalog
She made her entrance into the world of the sexual revolution with an elegant demeanor and absolutely stunning body and her presence throughout the late-60s, 70s and more recently (she's back!) has delighted millions of readers and followers.
Rene Bond
Click here for the Rene Bond catalog
Rene Bond was one of the first adult superstars in the earliest days of adult movies -- in the late 1960s.   Her charms are still alluring. 
John Holmes
Click here for the John Holmes Catalog
A towering figure through the Golden Age of Porn, John Holmes is a fascinating performer - onscreen and off.

Lisa De Leeuw
Click here for the De Leeuw catalog
Fire in the hole!  The carpet matches the drapes!  Though Lisa De Leeuw's death was a tragic loss, I invite you to appreciate this buxom redhead's delicious platter of magazine and movie appearences.  Dig in !

Michelle Angelo
Click here for Michelle
Devoted to the original "Hippie Girl," whose auburn tresses and psychedelic dresses were completely unique. 
Roberta Pedon
Click here for the Roberta Pedon Catalog
Here is one of America's favorite top-heavy models in the early 1970s era.
Kitten Natividad
Click here for the Kitten catalog
A charming display of Kitten charms -- from striptease palaces to Russ Meyer's films to magazines galore... and beyond (her website's a killer).
Click here for the Seka Catalog
Scandenavian sex sensation Seka scorched across screens and magazines in the Golden Age of Porn (mid-1970s and beyond)  She still turns heads today.
Christy Canyon
Click here for the Christy Canyon Catalog
Check in her for another personal favorite -- the elegant and shapely beauty, Christy Canyon.
Other Hollywood Stars
Click here for themore Hollywood stars catalog
Stars of stage and screen went nude and lewd from time to time and though this all pre-dates "Celebrity Sleuth," etc., I have gathered a collection of star turns that should turn your head!

Other Adult Stars
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Check in here for the adult film stars you love to watch love the other stars you love.  

And, remember, the best way to check if I have a title or number is to simply ask. 
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