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For those new to the world of vintage erotica, the magazines provide a barometer of the sexual climate of each era... just pick a catalog and dig in!

Beginning with the invention of the printing press, sex has been an important element of inquiry and reflection.  It is arguable that the development of the pulp fiction magazine universe may contain within it the roots of our modern entertainment landscape.  Genres of interest were instituted by popularity among readers and these genres were naturally re-inforcement marketed to their apparent specific market demographics.  Advertisers got involved and the monster idea known as branding began its journey from the tidepool of product/consumer/association to the gene-pool of identity and image manufacture in whose web we are now all entwined.

While sex could always be found in religious publications, modern secular Sex Mags appeared early on -- mostly as pulps with artistic pin-up style renderings that stand today as highlights in erotic imaginings.  Photography magazines and Nudist Magazines were the first to offer photographic explorations of nudity and staid suggestions of seduction.  These dryly produced journals steered clear of any overt sexual "come-on" though the body was clearly on display for someone's enjoyment.  The censorship battles of the 30s over literary erotica may have paved the way for the first offerings of erotica journals such as Samuel Roth's GOOD TIMES, which landed the publisher, a New York bookseller, in prison.  Meanwhile the print cousin of the burlesque show, the "girlie" magazine, was making strides by displaying more and more skin until it was safe for the likes of George Von Rosen's MODERN MAN to show topless women, pin-ups and burlesque stars of the day... which gave a young Hugh Hefner the idea of a sexual revolution in glossy newstand edition to be called PLAYBOY.

From the Christmas of 1953, the world has never been the same.  Indeed, as the decades passed, it became a question of how much more can be shown legally.  The 50s showed tit, the 60s, showed muff and beaver, the 70s showed it all -- but not always legally!  The 80s showed it all but sometimes didn't show genitals within orificies, oral, or otherwoise, the 90s showed that but not cum, but by 2000, it was entirely acceptable for periodicals to show ejaculation -- glossy, gooey and somehow now glamourous!  What a world!  What a world!

So, let's step back and get to know the mags, the publishing companies, the models, scribes and outings of all these magazines...

Welcome to The Dirty Magazines!

New Mags will be added as they become available.  


Vintage Prehistoric
and 1950s Men's Mags
Click here for the vintage 50s Men's Magazine catalogs
From the dawn of men's magazine erotica prehistory, to the crude bunch of publications aping of Hugh Hefner's pioneering efforts to mass-market naked pictures, and some that did it all much better, here are several interesting Men's Magazines.  
Swinging 60s Men's Mags
Click here for the Swinging 60s Men's Mags catalog
A Variety of Publications evolving from the Playboy Model -- some less polish and some with better writers.
For Greenleaf's ROGUE, William Hamling hired some great guys, who later became household names or rather pseudonyms in the adult book world. Also check out the "Authors" section for a couple mags in which these crazy cats appear!  
Nudist Magazine Catalogs
Click here for the Nudist Magazine Catalogs
Sunbathing and Nudist colonies once loomed far larger in the American psyche than perhaps they do today. Maybe it had a lot to do with these magazines -- which were reputed to be published for the benefit of fellow sun-worshippers who trumpeted the health benefits of being naked.
You can decide -- as you take in a selection of
these vintage nudist mags.!  
American Art / Parliament
& Eros-Goldstripe
Click here for the Parliament Catalog
Milton Luros American Art Enterprises began as a publisher of Nudist mags, and soon joined the ranks of the Men's Magazine, with superior production values and an undeniable funkiness to its vibe. Quirk is king, and specific sexual fetishes are catered to with these mag lines -- like FRILLY, HIPS AND HOSE and BODY HAIR.and many, many more.
60s Adult Mags
Click here for the 60s adult mag catalog
You'll quickly notice the difference between these adult mags and the mainstream Men's Mags -- they're more visually alive than their mainstream cousins. Obscure gems that warrant oogling!
Newsprint Catalog
Click here for the Adult Newsprint catalog
These adult publications fall somewhere between underground comix and adult porn. Originally from the West Coast, some of these were forced to flee the US and publish from abroad! You'll see why as they are outrageous, raunchy, boldly honest and actually shocking sex rags!

Swedish Erotica Catalog
Click here for the Swedish Erotica catalogs
The Queen Bitch of the super sex mags of the 70s, I call Swedish Erotica Ultra-Sleaze!  Originally, a cross-marketed line of x-rated home movies (for 8mm and Super 8 projectors) with a glossy slick photo magazine issued for every film reel, the Swedish Erotica line was the brand of choice for juicy sharp focus porno.  
70s Men's Mag Catalog
Click here for 70s Men's Mags
The 1970s dawned upon a sexual landscape littered with the broken barriers of the 60s censorship battles -- publishing establishments in ruin, new enterprises catering to tripped out peaceniks, decadent hipsters and battle-hardened Vietnam Vets.  Playboy saw a new crop of competitors, and the lines between mens mags and porn became smudged when HUSTLER spread wide the pink.  For producers, nothing was off-limits -- as reflected in films like X-RATED, BOOGIE NIGHTS and PEOPLE VS LARRY FLYNT where the porn world runs wild and crashes head-on ... into itself.  This section is for 70s newsstand mags, while hard stuff was reserved for ... the glossy adult mags (see below)!
70s & 80s Glossy Adult Mags
Click here for the 70s and 80s Glossy catalog
A new publication emerged in the late 60s-to-early 70s -- the glossy slick porn magazine -- little or no text, no ads, just straight photo porn, presented with a simple yet garish quality.  While the Swedish Erotica slicks (above) were the gold-standard, here is a wide selection of the competing porn-mag manufacturers.
80s Men's Magazine Catalog
Click here for the 80s Mens Mag catalog
By the 80s, the machismo of the newsstand mens mag was on the rise -- full-frontal nudity with spread pink was the norm, with HUSTLER leading the pack.  The mags directly competed with and cross-marketed the adult stars of the X-rated film industry.  Even as the video revolution started to build, the newsstand mag held its own, offering hard-boiled fiction, alternative journalism and fashion -- as well as a venue to publicize and promote adult movies (see more below).   
Adult Film Magazine Catalog
Click here for the Adult Movie Magazine catalog
The sub-genre of "Adult Movie Magazines" provided a crucial hard-copy record and paper-trail of the wide and varied output of the ever-intriguing adult movie buisness.  From the early days of the grindhouse Nudies and Nudie-Cuties to the once-revolutionary VHS/Betamax video cassettes, the movies bear both scrutiny and preservation.  These periodicals devoted to documenting the the adult film industry are a treasure trove of information and pictorial documentation.   Dig in!
BDSM Magazine Catalog
Click here for the S&M Magazine catalog
Flagellation has always been a mainstay of erotica -- and here in these pages is the modern-day cousin of the Marquise De Sade and his flock.  Here is a selection of larger press as well as misfit BDSM publications.

And, remember, the best way to check if I have a title, model or number is to simply ask. 
I'll send you a quote if I have anything in stock.

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