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Adult Cinema Reference & Memorabilia

A selection of books, magazines, films, video and memorabilia concerned with the adult cinema.

Links below for free clips as well.

New items will be added as they become available.  


Book Catalog
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About 15 minutes after Edison invented the motion picture camera, he found himself filming Mrs. Edison emerging from the bath tub.  No.  I'm joking.  It probably was about an hour later.  
All kidding aside, there is no question that movies have always flirted with the question ... can sexual desire be transmitted through a camera lens?

Here is an ever-growing library of mostly non-fiction books about the many worlds of the sex films.

Magazine Catalog
Click here for the Adult Cinema Magazine Catalog
A variety of periodical publications devoted to adult cinema -- from the earliest exposures to the golden age of adult video. 
Original adult cinema 16mm loops
Click here for the 16mm loop machine show!
From the flickering Nickelodeon through the contemporary token peep show, enterprising adult book store owners have been using parsing out doses of dirty doings, a minute at a time for a nickel, a quarter or a brass token.
Check out this contemporary online version and soon I'll post some original 60s peep show loops recovered from a 42nd Street theater basement!  
Super 8 Movies Catalog
Click here for the 8MM Porn Catalog
By the end of the 1960s, every home had a movie projector -- now I know why!
There were thousands of porn movies to collect!  First in Standard 8mm and then in Super 8!  How about a little hot Seka after dessert?


Pssst... You.  Yeah, you.  Wanna see a good movie..?

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Vintage John Holmes Porn Downloads

Vintage Vanessa Del Rio Porn Downloads

Vintage Vanessa Del Rio & Ron Jeremy Porn Downloads

Vintage Little Oral Annie Downloads

Movie Posters and promo materials Catalog
Click here for X-Rated Posters, Promos and Adult Movie Memorabilia
A selection of porn movie graphics and authentic memorabilia
Classics on Video Catalog
Click here for the classic adult video catalog
Check out the video revolution all over again.  Dust off your VHS (or Betamax!) and dig on these original porn video classics in their original format! 
Industry Resources, guides and publications Catalog
Click here for a selection of adult cinema industry journals
Here is a collection of industry-oriented publications devoted to the ups and downs of the adult entertainment business. Dig it!
Reference Materials for research purposes -- not for sale Catalog
Click here for the Vintagesleaze adult cinema reference files
Link to the Vintagesleaze reference material archive for interviews, bios and other documents from or about the history of sleaze cinema.

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Dirty Movies

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