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 MATINEE 1.3 with uncollected Charles Bukowski fiction
Vol. 1 No. 3
Published by American Art Agency, Inc.
7311 Fulton AvenueStreet
North Hollywood, CA
Milton Luros -- publisher; Jordan Schuman (Jory Sherman) -- Editor*; William Boone -- Art Director.
orig. price $1.25 cents
80 pages
Packed with delights, including some strikingly innovative tint-and-type art direction alongside a fine array of Parliament model pictorials including the de rigeur girl-and-bongos and an interesting feature on the Asian-American stripper Akemi Suzuki (aka "Pearl of the Orient").  She may have been disturbed to see her spread run after a feature on the Japanese "Rape of Nanjing" (THE DEFILERS) by Eddie Dime.  All that is very nice, but the real highlight of this issue is actually what I once believed to be an unrecognized Charles Bukowski piece entitled "WOMEN UNDER FALSE FLAGS" with a byline of "Hank Charkowski"... Bukowski scholars!??! Weigh in!** (SEE BELOW!)  Plus lots more busty American Art quality pictorials.  Fiction attributed to Curtis May and Bill Starr and humor by Bert Fields.
VERY GOOD PLUS or better
Magazine has wear and cover rubbing, corner bumps and wear on spine, especially at head (minor tear) and foot and at staples.  
A nice copy of this hard-to-find early American Art mag.
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 * I have confirmation Jordan Schuman is author (and Bukowski biographer) Jory Sherman.

** Well, friends, after a bit of research, the truth comes out -- "Hank Charkowski" was not a Charles Bukowski pseudonym,
but rather a Jory Sherman pseudonym -- which gave his longtime buddy Hank Bukowski a chuckle whenever he saw it!

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